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Prepare Students for College Writing

How can you support your students in the transition from high school to college writing? A seasoned English instructor shares tips on how to help students tackle the range of writing assignments they’ll encounter and enter broader academic conversations.  Learn more

wolf pack

The (Course) Pack Mentality

When assigning students a course pack, think ahead about how you’d like students to cite the included works. Learn more!


Spark Better Peer Review 

Get tips from an expert writing teacher on how using Google Docs can spark student engagement in the peer review process!

This sign

Starting a Sentence with This

When This is unclear, it’s a sign that it should not be at the beginning of a sentence.  Find out more!

parallel roads

Quiz on Parallel Structure

Do you know how to join sentences with and or or and keep your sentence structure parallel? Test yourself and find out!

Sources with Unnamed Authors

Don’t use Anonymous when citing a source that doesn’t have an author’s name. Read about what to do instead!

Using Impact as a Verb

The MLA uses impact as a verb when referring to a physical force but avoids it in other contexts. Learn more!

Capitalizing Professional Titles 

Capitalize professional titles when they are used before a person’s name, but not after. Find out more!

Coordinating Conjunctions

Can you start a sentence with a coordinating conjunction like and? It depends! Learn more!

MLA Guide to Undergraduate Research in Literature

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