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When Is a Source Credible?

Learning how to distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources is important. An experienced instructor has created a full lesson plan (with handouts) to help you teach your students how to identify and articulate what makes a source reliable. Get the lesson plan and ensure your students have the tools they need to write successful research papers in your class and beyond.


Build Up Students’ Writing 

Help students build their writing skills with small tasks that support larger projects. Learn more from an expert teacher!

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Make Writing Engaging

A real-world context for writing, like a community project, can keep students engaged. Get tips from a skilled instructor!

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Can You Unmask These Authors?

Do you know Apollinaire’s real name? Take our quiz and see if you can identify all the authors behind the pseudonyms.

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Punctuation and Punctuated Titles 

Punctuating a punctuated title can be tough. An MLA editor breaks down seven different scenarios. Read more!


Does Too Need a Comma?

In most cases, you don’t need a comma before too when using it to mean also. But there are exceptions. Read more!

The ABCs of BC versus BCE

Does the year go before or after an era designation? Which designation does the MLA use? Read our post and find out!

When to Avoid Adverbs

Adverbs like truly, really, and extremely often weaken rather than emphasize the words they modify. Find out more!

Quoting Dialogue from a Novel

Should you use double or single quotation marks when quoting dialogue from a novel? It depends! Learn more!

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