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Avoid Creating Hurdles for Your Readers!
Some words can be used as different parts of speech, creating potential obstacles for readers. Find out how to structure your sentences to prevent confusion—then take our quiz!
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Writing Time
If you’re expressing a time range or an age range, should you use from and to or an en dash? What about between? Find out!
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Entitled Subjects
Titles can easily be confused with a work’s subject matter. Make sure you know your title from your subject. Read more!
I See It, but How Do I Cite It?
You went to class and read the slides. Now how do you cite images from presentations or lectures? Find out!
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Nest-ling In
Punctuating a quotation within a quotation? Nest your quotation marks! An MLA editor shows you how. Learn more!
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Movie Cites
What is considered common knowledge about a movie? When do you cite a movie rather than a Web site about it? Find out!
First Names First
Is Catherine of Aragon alphabetized under c or a? What are the rules for citing nobility and rulers? Find out!

Back to Basics
Author? Source? Container? If you or your students could use a quick refresher on the core elements of a works-cited-list entry, view our step-by-step guide. Get it now!
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