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Pulled from the Archive
Citing an online scan of an old newspaper article or a digitized medieval manuscript? It can be tough to know how to title a digital item or how much information to give about the site where you found it. An editor gives you advice and shares examples.
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Tweet Trouble
Twitter threads have multiple authors, can take place over several days, and don’t have titles. How do you cite them? Find out!
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Fitting In
Sometimes a great quotation doesn’t work grammatically in a sentence. How can you make it all fit together? Read more!
Gender Neutral
He? She? They? What pronoun should you use if you’re uncertain of a person’s gender identity? Find out!
Sharing Is Caring
The semester is over, but that doesn’t mean you should let your teaching resources go to waste. Share them!
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Missed Connections
Using and or or to join parts of a sentence? Keep your sentence parallel so that readers don’t miss the connection. Learn more!
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Capitalizing Titles
Do you know capitalization rules for English-language titles? What about titles in a foreign language? Find out!
Got Questions about Questions?
If you include a direct question in your sentence, do you need to start the question with a capital letter? Find out!
In-Text Cleanup
If you’ve given information about your source in a sentence, you may not need to repeat it in your citation. Learn more!
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