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Attend a Free MLA Style Webinar

This November, the MLA will be rerunning two popular style webinars, MLA Style 101, which guides both beginning and advanced MLA style users on creating works-cited-list entries for a variety of sources, and Mastering Online Works in MLA Format, which provides tools for citing any electronic source. Register now!

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Leap into College Writing

An English major shares how she made the leap from high school to college essay writing. Discover how!

Get a Grip on Dangling Modifiers

Dangling modifiers describe nothing or describe the wrong word. Learn how to secure your modifiers, then take our quiz! 


They as Singular?

Learn when you can use they as a singular pronoun, and get tips on how to reword when necessary. Learn more!

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Capitalization and Quotations

Does the first letter of a quotation need to be capitalized? It depends on what precedes it. Find out more


Verbs with Mixed Subjects

When a singular and a plural subject are joined by or, should you use a singular or plural verb? Find out!

Get Direction on Geographic Terms

Do you know when to capitalize geographic terms like north, south, east, and west? Find out!

How to Cite a Title within a Title

If a work’s title contains another title that is not in MLA style, what should you do? Learn more!

Separate Yourself from the Author

If you don’t use a parenthetical citation, how can you distinguish your ideas from the author’s? Find out!


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